I’m always honoured when couples choose me to witness and document their big days, and nothing makes me happier than to hear I was part of making it unforgettable.

I like to think my creativity and unique approach makes people happy – but don’t just take it from me! Take a look at what these newlyweds have to say about working with me.

“Sheena and I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for us: both at our engagement, and at our wedding. You accommodated us at every opportunity as well as making us feel more comfortable than we ever thought we could feel in front of a camera. Truth be told, we even forgot you were there during the Soul Shoot! You didn’t feel like an intrusive photographer – more like a friend.

Our favourite picture has to be the one you shot of us in the middle of the road. Even now, we still talk about it and all of our friends and family comment on it when we see them. In fact, from an empty warehouse to the most iconic sites in London, you consistently found beautiful, unique photograph opportunities that we never would have noticed otherwise.

We weren’t sure what to expect from the civil wedding, so were feeling quite nervous. It was an intimate affair as we only had our immediate family present, so it could have been quite intense – especially to have a camera hovering around. However, despite our nerves I can’t express how natural and at ease you made us feel in front of the camera that day. Even though we’ve always loved your work, the incredible shots you captured made it clear how much you’ve developed as a photographer between our engagement ceremony and civil wedding.

In essence, you’re more than a photographer to us. You’re a friend. We’re incredibly proud to have worked with you, and I’m sure there will be many times in the future when we will cross paths again. In fact, it will probably be at the dessert bar!” – Kunal

“When it came to booking a wedding photographer, I had no idea where to start. When my event coordinator recommended you, I made the call on a whim.

From the first meeting, I knew I wanted you for our wedding! I thought you were fun and personable and, most importantly, your work was just amazing – I loved the idea of your journalistic approach. I didn’t bother looking around elsewhere – gut instinct told me to hire you, and so I did.

When my wedding had to be postponed for reasons out of my control, I was devastated. When I told you I’d need to cancel, you were so understanding and genuine.

By mid-2013, things were back on track and I thanked my lucky stars that you were available! This time, you showed us a beautiful new album and introduced the ‘Soul Shoots’. I’ll admit it – I was pretty apprehensive about the shoot. I hate having cameras pointed at me, and am convinced I don’t photo well. Not the best recipe for a successful photoshoot! However, as soon as we got started, you changed my mind. You and your glamorous assistant (Harry, thank you very much for a fantastic day) made it very relaxed and not at all uncomfortable – it felt like a group of friends just having a laugh.

Following this, we kept in contact right up until the wedding. I really appreciated your help, and felt you were becoming a friend I could talk to, not just my photographer. When the big day came, I felt completely comfortable with you around. From the word go you captured every moment, and at the venue, you were in your element; capturing the guests, the decor, the smiles, the tears, the candid moments and the intimate shots. You captured my whirlwind day in beautiful frozen images. You were like my shadow, always around but never intrusive. My family loved you – they felt you were one of us on the day. You even helped when a tot tried to topple my cake (the horror!)

And so, the big day was over. But your professionalism didn’t stop there. I had heard horror stories about photographers taking forever to get photos to clients. But, true to your word, I quickly received a beautiful carved wooden box containing my USB. I was stunned. It was better than I ever could have asked; your work was phenomenal. You made me look good (and my partner was okay too!).

After collecting the USB, you got to work on choosing the best for my album, another task you were happy to embark on. Not long after confirming the proofs, we had our wedding album in our hands. I could have cried – the album is priceless. I still get excited and emotional when I show it off. It’s an investment – a priceless memory that will be passed down to my children, and their children too. In 20 years’ time, I can look back and not regret a single moment, and relive the day through your skills.

My experience with you was faultless. I would choose you time and time again. You are an asset to the industry and I am grateful to have stumbled across you. You are full of empathy, energy, passion and you’re genuine; which is something this industry lacks. I would recommend you to anyone and I am lucky to have shared my day with you, and even luckier to get a friend out of it. Thank you!” – Razia

“Chandan, you are a very unique and inspiring photographer. The shots are always so beautiful and creative even though we’ve had to shoot in the most sparse settings at times. Your style is so natural and you captured the events as they happened. We didn’t use staged or posed pictures and I like that. We all felt at ease, with your unobtrusive presence.

During the wedding, people did not even notice we had a photographer but everyone had been captured throughout the day! The photos are  top quality and capture the essence of the event perfectly. I’m looking forward to seeing the latest shots. I have recommended you to a number of clients, friends and family and will continue to do so as you are one of the best photographers I have encountered.” – Lildonia