Three words to describe Shannel and Sailesh’s wedding reception? Elegant, happy, simple. Their impeccable taste made my job easy – there were so many beautiful details in every shot I took, from the illuminated bar to the cascading floral centrepiece used to mark the head table. The ceiling twinkled like a canopy of stars, and underneath it the guests were readying themselves for all of the festivities that the night would bring.

Shannel and Sailesh wanted to enjoy every minute of their day with loved ones, so opted to sit in the centre of the room, rather than being distanced from everyone else. Every reception has its moments which stay in the minds of the guests forever, and Shannel and Sailesh’s was no exception. Through my camera, I watched the knife slice into the pure white wedding cake, the champagne cork explode from the bottle, and Sailesh’s face grow a bright beetroot following the speeches. His sister and cousins even broke out into a rehearsed dance routine to re-enact the newlyweds journey together – much to the delight of the revelling wedding guests!

The scenes of merriment mingled with the rich smells and tastes of a traditional Indian feast, following which Shannel and Sailesh got up for their first dance. It seemed the whole day had been waiting for this moment, in which the couple looked into each other’s eyes and found home. Enjoy their photos below – I hope you’ll agree that their joy and happiness simply shines off the page.

To view their story in pictures, just click on the first image below to start the slideshow. Enjoy!