Razia’s story is close to my heart. When her wedding had to be postponed for reasons out of her control, she was devastated, and so was I. We’d formed a close friendship, so I was thrilled that she once again chose me as her photographer when the wedding got back on track.

The wedding was worth the wait. From Razia’s stunning bespoke purple dress to the pride and emotion evident on the faces of family and friends, every detail brought the couple’s dreams of their union to life. I observed each moment from a distance, always discreet but close enough to capture and immortalise the unfolding events for the couple to treasure for years to come.

One of my favourite moments was when Mohamed first saw Razia. Time seemed to stop – as their eyes found each other’s, their blissful, tender smiles lit up the room. Everyone in the venue could feel the love and passion between these two people who couldn’t wait for their lives together to begin. And just like that, all of the obstacles and setbacks leading up to the wedding disappeared without a trace – I couldn’t have been happier for them.

Apart from a near-miss involving hungry children and a toppling wedding cake, the rest of the day went without a hitch.  As the sun began to set on Razia and Mohamed’s wedding, Razia’s best friend and brother stood up to say some touching words about the couple. Like all the best speeches, it was also hilarious and embarrassing, leading to hysterical laughter from everyone in the venue! The speech perfectly encapsulated the happy mood of the day, and the couple’s strong bond with friends and family.

As they waved goodbye and drove away, Razia and Mohamed started the first chapter of their long journey together, hand in hand.

To view their story in pictures, just click on the first image below to start the slideshow. Enjoy!