James and Pooja’s wedding was so distinctive and unforgettable that certain images spring to mind straight away when I recall it. Pooja’s dress, ivory and encrusted with red and silver jewels, glistening in the sunlight as she emerged from her wedding car. The flower girls, all taffeta dresses and shuffling feet, waiting for the day to begin. And finally, James’s twin brother arriving at the venue, and making me realise I would need to be eagle-eyed for this day of shooting!

As a photographer, I look for the very essence, the spirit, the soul of the occasions I shoot. I live for the close, intimate moments that no one else sees, the reassuring glances, the blissful laughs. And do you know what? Pooja and Sam were the perfect subjects. They provided me with so many beautiful moments to photograph. For instance, as Pooja joined James after walking down the aisle, they both burst into laughter, even then refusing to conform to stereotypes.

Before we knew it, rings had been exchanged and everyone was covered in confetti. The reception took place at a venue nearby – and this is when the party really got started. These were wedding guests who knew how to have a good time! I hope my photographs do the hilarity of the mood and the energy of the dance moves some justice.

To view their story in pictures, just click on the first image below to start the slideshow. Enjoy!