When I think back to Nina and Sam’s wedding, my memories are infused with a warm summer’s glow, and set to the soundtrack of rustling leaves and birds chirping. This is because their wedding took place at Sherborne Castle, a sprawling fairy-tale venue nestled deep in the Dorset countryside.

A South Indian wedding, Nina and Sam’s big day was slightly different to the Hindu weddings I usually shoot. Culture and tradition took centre stage – second only to the mouth-watering assortment of Middle Eastern sweet treats on offer. All of these unique details provided beautiful and interesting photographs, and as a self-confessed foodie, I was in my element!

Nina and Sam’s ceremony took place beneath a marquee in the vast grounds of the castle. As golden sunshine filtered through the ornate, beaded draping and a summer’s breeze warmed the waiting guests, an atmosphere of excited silence descended. Each delicious second of silence made the ceremony feel more intimate, and once the ritual was concluded the room erupted into jubilant tears and embraces. The photographs show a celebratory family, laughing children, and a couple, completely entranced by one another.

I wanted to make sure that Nina and Sam would never forget that feeling, so I joined them on a stroll around the castle grounds to capture their first moments as husband and wife. Their expressions say it all, and the backdrop of Sherborne Castle created a truly magical photo-shoot. The day was topped off with a lot of dancing, heaps of delicious Indian cuisine – and the final, bittersweet farewell as the couple were waved away to start their lives together.

To view their story in pictures, just click on the first image below to start the slideshow. Enjoy!