As a photographer, it’s always an honour when a friend asks me to capture their wedding. Nayan is a good friend of mine, and when I met his bride-to-be Jigna, it was plain to see that they were a perfect match.  Their wedding was a perfect mirror of their relationship: fun, happy and loving.

In fact, it’s difficult to pick out my favourite memories of the day. Perhaps Nayan (who is a well-known Dhol Player in the Asian wedding circuit) being welcomed by five Dhol players. Or maybe it was the traditional games, or Jigna tiptoeing on a stool to put a garland on Nayan, thanks to their humorous height difference!

Alongside light-hearted moments, there was also plenty of time for reflection. Jigna’s mother passed away when she was younger, making for a very touching ceremony. By the end, when Jigna and her father were saying their goodbyes, the bittersweet emotion was palpable. As a photographer, this is an amazing moment to capture – as people reveal the true, beautiful nature of their souls.

I could only look on at the whole room connected in jubilant emotion, as the perfectly matched couple embarked on their journey together.

To view their story in pictures, just click on the first image below to start the slideshow. Enjoy!